This text is a translation of the French original version.


The KUNLUN O PROJECT entered its so called "Revelation" phase meaning that the countdown of the major events that will change forever the fate of the planet earth and the forms of life present is underway.

The KUNLUN O PROJECT offers a last chance to the human race to act for its own evolution and defines, in a difficult and complex context, the various steps to undertake to achieve it.

This universal harmony and brotherhood Pact displays seven specific commitments that involves every race represented on Earth or who influences the Earth, which their leaders must apply and enforce to successfully carry out the KUNLUN O PROJECT.

The joint writing of the Pact with all the authorities of the races concerned has information value and received full and complete commitment from them with regards to the content of the Pact.


FIRST COMMITMENT: the necessary participation of all and an equality of chance for all.

The KUNLUN O PROJECT is the only path of hope that every form of life must accept unconditionally. It offers equal opportunities to all in the same spirit of fairness but requires the voluntary and full acceptance of each of us and the full and complete respect of the Pact to benefit.

SECOND COMMITMENT: to each according to its possibilities.

This tragedy to live through concerns every form of life present on the planet because each of them will both suffer and act. Therefore all are on the same level of participation and responsibility, but forms of action and initiative is left to each according to its state of being.

THIRD COMMITMENT: transparency and blamelessness of the engaged communities and their elites

The entities gifted with reason and conscience, concerned by this great metamorphosis that is engaged, whether of a long tradition or of a recent nature, of great knowledge or of fresh evolution, have an even greater role and are even more involved as the level of results of the actions will depend on their behaviour.

They must admit it and act immediately in accordance to the plan with transparency and irreproachability at all levels of participation.

FORTH COMMITMENT: the negative acts of the past may be forgiven.

This Pact aims to maximize the actions in favour of the KUNLUN O PROJECT by releasing them from the weight of the past. Thus the responsibilities of past war, embezzlements, resentments and jealousies on Earth and/or having for object the Earth, will be forgiven for who has demonstrated his commitment and has respected this Pact.

However, any form of corruption, obstruction, error and bad action or intention will reactivate the counting of the acts of the past.

FIFTH COMMITMENT: act with the human race.

The human race is young, still marked with its animal drives due to the low frequency of the material from which it originated. Nevertheless, it has from the origin all the elevation capabilities as its genes are complete but some are locked. Through a personal spiritual work it can release its full capacities.

Its growing disinterest to perceive the beauty and harmony of the Whole has often dictated the violence of it actions towards its environment as towards itself, thus slowing its spiritual elevation.

Today an ultimate gift is offered to the human race, the one to take its destiny in hand, by demonstrating that its awareness and the commitment of fraternal acts, it could be eligible to sit at the table of the great consciences.

All forms of life must accompany it on this path and towards its own revelation; the times coming will tell if the human race has the will and energy.

SIXTH COMMITMENT: the commitment will be rewarded.

Though a free will is given to everyone to decide upon its future, the actors who will choose an involved, noble, fraternal and disinterested behaviour should be encouraged and supported from all sides and by all means. The quality of a new era will depend on their number and on the intelligence of their behaviour. For this and in this, they will be rewarded.

SEVENTH COMMITMENT: any form of opposition, intentional bad choices or mistakes in full responsibility will be punished by themselves.

By the existence of the Pact, it is announced to all forms of life that hope must dominate fears, that adherence and involvement in a sense of harmony and respect are expected of each.

If the choice of immobility will be accepted, those who will act in restrain, opposition or passive resistance, directly or indirectly, and in all the worlds concerned, will suffer the apprehended consequences.


Planet Earth is a fantastic spaceship that houses life in many forms. There, many fields of consciousness grow, cross or ignore each other on a wide range of vibration levels, for the earth is multidimensional.

Since its inception the planet Earth has allowed these various forms, for some endowed with reason and consciousness, to find in it a nourishing land and a land of evolution.

Facing the constraint of events that will be imposed to it, it now falls to all these advanced forms of life to commit themselves for the planet and for themselves, through an individual and collective action of harmony and brotherhood, sharing and support, love and peace.

This pact includes seven commitments to guide this individual and collective involvement but it could have only one commandment that summarizes all the others because it alone summarises the path to the perfect Harmony: "love one another".

May this Pact shine in every heart, touch all the reasons and be honoured under the vigilance of the highest consciousness.