This text is a translation of the French original version.

Kunlun is a coordination of powers and interests established to preserve the planet from the devastation caused by the human beings and allow the survival of mankind from its own destruction.

Indeed, for nearly a century, the Earth is experiencing increasingly frequent and large environmental crises whose consequences threaten the living species and the whole mankind. Alerts are given by the experts, global conferences are held, some independent agencies are mobilizing, but no large-scale and coordinated action is carried out.

Given this general inaction, Kunlun comes to inform the world leaders that the countdown for the survival of humanity has triggered: "The excessive industrialization of human economies has created and accelerates the destabilization of the energy fields that drive the Earth up to disturbing the balance of the universe. The latter will in return move on to its self-correction, integrating the metamorphosis of the planet Earth, and cause terrible natural disasters that will soon succeed in a widespread and devastating chain, making the extinction of all kind of life on the planet unavoidable."

This information is called "The Revelation".

Faced with those looming events, all what human needs to change his fate is to take action and hope to succeed.

Kunlun came to bring this hope by providing the States and their leaders some very important means of action and unmatched capabilities to act upon three priority and interlinked areas:

- The awakening of the consciousness

Without urgent and obvious awakening of the consciousness especially among the political, industrial and economic leaders of the human society, no international support will emerge, no global coordinated action will be launched, no concerted local initiative can be accomplished properly. To accelerate the awakening of the consciousness, Kunlun provides its technical knowledge of interior transformations to release the countless innate abilities of humans, enabling its access to a higher dimension. The individual efforts of evolution will be considerably reduced with effective results but there will be no excuse for those who don't. Through this personal work, but with a collective resonance, every human being will perceive clearly the benevolent and the protective role that he should immediately have on its environment and on life. Released of a great share of ignorance and unnecessary suffering, the human will succeed in his metamorphosis as announced and will open himself to a new and great era.

- Field actions funding

To give humanity the material means to act, Kunlun provides states, governments and voluntary associations with funds valued in trillions of dollars. This amount, the most considerable ever apprehended, will keep both the economy in place to prevent any collapse making it impossible to act, and accelerate the emergence of scientific, technological and practical innovations, giving immediate and major applications, to end the systemic looting and the never ending contamination of the Earth. These financial resources, whose fund certificates have already been presented to some countries, are both the evidence of the Kunlun existence and the last possible lever put in the hands of humanity for major global actions.

The time required to succeed

Finally, in this count-down, Kunlun has an unprecedented and singular ability to delay the course of the events and to save some precious and vital time in order to deploy the chosen innovations and therefore take advantage of the first beneficial results. The implementation of this "knowledge" should commit all States in an essential technological collaboration since the entire humanity is concerned. With this precious time at its disposal, the humanity will put all the know-how of humans in action in every part of the world, maximize the processes and thus drive everyone with great energy for the benefit of life. But it is important to understand that this "knowledge" can not solely substitute itself for taking immediate and massive awareness of the challenges and the tangible actions that each country shall put in place to achieve a shared survival.

Kunlun professes no politics, religion or ideology other than to preserve the continuity of life on Earth in a harmonious cohabitation of the different existing species. The "Revelation" brought by Kunlun is neither a threat nor a constraint and Kunlun will join decisions that humanity will take for its own preservation, while favoring those who will give priority to Life through their commitment.

The time has come for the humanity to evolve and change its behavior by getting beyond its individualism and its illusions. By awakening his innate and really prodigious abilities the human will be able to come out of his blood and flesh condition and access a new era of the mind, where space and time will be reachable. Thus released, he will give back the Earth its role of nourishing mother and protect it forever from any temptation of predation.

By this "Revelation", every human is put in front of his share of responsibility for the necessary survival. This responsibility will even be greater for men of power and influence because their duty is to stimulate initiatives and be at the vanguard of the action. The future revealed by Kunlun will judge each of us for its humanism and commitment, and the Earth within its rights will spare those who will join its safeguard.

In outlining its plan for the planet, Kunlun state that a new world of balance, where all the reigns cohabit in harmony, is necessary and that this new world is possible.

Time for awareness has come, as for action, and that time is running out !